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In addition to the Tenant Finder Service we also offer a Full Management Service in conjunction with our partner who is well-established and reputable in the field of Property Management.

Our Property management Team will arrange, inventories, key hand-overs and keep in regular touch with the tenant during the first few weeks – this is when most of property teething problems arise, particularly when a property has been out of use for a period of time

We offer a range of services from Tenant find right up to full management . As part of the service:

Our Property management Team will routinely visit our tenants to keep an eye on the condition of the property. We will report any misgivings we might have after these visits.

In some cases the landlords will engage in a maintenance programme to improve the overall condition of the property and maintain or increase its value. The tenants are encouraged to participate and we always emphasise at the start of the tenancy that good tenants can expect to have the property well looked after and maintained. Our Property management Team will advise you should any grants become available. They will also undertake an annual rent review.

You will receive a monthly statement showing the rent collected and the balance will be forwarded to you either by BACS or by cheque.

Our Fees for managing a flat or a house are an extremely competitive 10% for this service.

For details of fees on our Shared Property service, if you want us to rent out a room in your property contact us for details.

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